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Veronika Blomgren

My deep believe is that beauty will save the world. Actually that beauty is the only thing that will save the world. In my worldview it is not about survival of the strongest, but about striving for harmony, and overcoming anything, absolutely anything to achieve it.


While the universe is expanding towards the ultimate complexity and the species are fighting to survive and evolve, the human soul is being pulled, naturally and inevitably, towards the bliss of harmony. And beauty – in all the zillions of manifestations – is our best and only guide on the way.


The world of humans throughout all its history is looking for the perfect architectural proportions, the most beautiful color combination, the perfect fragrance, the absolute taste, the magical melody. We stumble and fall but with a stubbornness of a bull we are pushing ourselves to the most harmonious social order, to mind-blowing scientific discoveries, to meaningful personal relationships, to inspiring philosophy, to purity and beauty of our single thought, single breath – all interconnected and interdependent.


Design is one of the few professions the focus of which is on creating beauty – in interiors, landscape, fashion, graphics, products, etc. It is essential for a designer to see the whole picture, to be able to navigate between all the shades of beauty. Also being a designer means that you guarantee the world that what you will create will bring all of us one step closer to harmony. A beautiful mission!

Veronika Blomgren